Tensions Run For A Short Duration

I’m currently taking exams which is very stressful. And one thing that I notice is that tensions run extremely high in the exam season. However, this is my remedy to success and I know that some may differ.

Over the 3 weeks that I’ve been doing exams for, I’ve ended up being pissed off at least for 60% of that time and that is not the right thing to feel like during your exams. The reason that I’ve pissed off is because that tensions run high. I would also like to make it clear that it is helped when you get your own way but that isn’t always the case.

For the first 2 weeks, I had had my earphones confiscated off me because I was wearing them but if anything, music does help cool the mind a lot and that’s my recommendation. Luckily enough, I had a spare pair of earphones on me to use but in my view, no music can result in you perhaps talking to yourself of which your mental state becomes worse.

However, some teachers don’t accept the fact that music cools the mind a lot when your in an exam season where pressure is creeping up on you at a rather fast pace.

I also find that have a rant or shouting in your bedroom can be helpful if your alone in your house and you feel angry or paranoid. Or even gunning in terms of anger. In the 2nd week of my exams, I was gunning for justice so badly that I just started shouting out my anger when I got home and I was alone.

I would also recommend that you go outside and release your anger. I personally go out for a cycle for an hour or two to cool myself down and it does help or it does at least soften the mood. Once again, music can come in as a lifesaver when it comes to cycling somewhere as whilst listening, you can feel motivated with the song to go far in terms of millage and determination. I listen to angry songs like “Scream” from HSM 3 and “Angry Song” from Billy Elliot to get me just pumped to get my anger out. My Mum knows this is my remedy to stop the anger from being lashed out elsewhere.

In my case at school, I’ve walked out of classes (even though I shouldn’t) but that’s due to my anger levels having got extremely high. That shouldn’t be the case but if you’ve got a school field or somewhere where teachers won’t find you, then go there and relax for 10-30 minutes (depending on how you feel). I’ve done that when the weather has not been wet or torrential raining.

I’d like to put it out there that the exams only last for 7-8 weeks and once your done with them, you don’t have to cope with the 8-12 subjects that you’ve spent so long on. Just look at it like the holidays is earlier and ready for you for when you leave school.

But whilst doing the exams, just look back at your journey of how far you’ve come when you fancy it. It keeps you going and I admit that looking at old photos of me with my classmates has made me think that its taken me a long time to become the person I have become and therefore, whats the point of giving up when I’m at the last hurdle of my journey in secondary school.

Its a bit like giving up the final 10 minutes of a football match because your 2-0 down. However, my knowledge in football makes me believe that 10 minutes can be life-changing to a game as it can be the most crucial.

When I started my exams, I felt the pressure in my first one in particular because you want to start well and hope that feat can go on. It felt like my life depended on it. And to make matters worse, it was my English Language exam. However, I fought like it was now or never and I felt afterwards that I had screwed up. However, my English teacher told me to carry on and just forget what happened and just focus on my other exams.

However, there was a window of 2 spare days to prepare to for my Drama exam. I can honestly say that I felt more relaxed in that exam and I think I did well which is a bonus. However, its one of those exams where I can happily say that I fucked up one line and that line was a stupid line which makes it a tad worse.

As a result of my exams, my trips to Canvey Island FC have been cut down quite substantially. However, the club realise that once I get my exams done and they’re out of the way, I’ll make up for work I missed out on by giving an extra 50% to the normal 100% that I already give when I’m down there.

However, when I went there last, I knew that it was going to be a rather long period of time before I went back down there and I knew that very well.

Thankfully, just as I finish my exams, pre-season starts. If anything, there is a week before it properly starts with the games and once I finish my exams, I go on holiday for 2 months which is a well deserved break. Mind you, 1 week into my holidays and I have the big event that everyone has been looking forward to. That being Prom!

That is the end of this blog! Thank you for reading and please watch out for more blogs by myself, Andy Wilkins, in the upcoming few months!


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