Regrets, I’ve Had A Few – Q&A – Goodbye Belfairs Academy – Part 2

I’m here to discuss about my time at Belfairs Academy as I embark on a final 3 weeks in a school where I’ve been at for 5 years.

Question 1: What were your thoughts when you joined the Academy which was a school at the time of your arrival?
Andy: When I joined, it was started to get a lot of good praise. A new building as well was a positive which meant that it wasn’t going to be just me being lost around the school. However, I learned my way around the school pretty quickly and I did enjoy my first few days. Mind you, when I joined, I was nervous and it was like I had been dropped down a pyramid as you was made to believe that you came in from the top and to be dropped to the bottom was a hard hit but it was one that we tried climbing back up onto again.

There was a dose of school homesickness in my view as I loved my old primary school and as for me, it felt weird at first and my brother was still there when I joined Belfairs. Mind you, I didn’t exactly like the half hour lunches at the start.

Question 2: Are there any regrets you have that you wish you had done something about?
Andy: I actually regret not doing Drama club when it started. Instead, I had joined the football team and I was pretty crap in it to be honest. Mind you, I was a bit like a “jock” at first but I then walked away and started doing my own stuff of which had its own consequences.

Question 3: Do you wish that you could reset your time at Belfairs for the greater good?
Andy: Easily yes. I look at my days in Year 7 through to Year 10 and I was an utter prick. I got into a lot of trouble and as a result, people didn’t like me. I used to hang around by myself during Year 9 a lot. Mind you, the bad events that I was part of has made me more aware of my actions and as a result, I try and tell kids not to go down the bad route that I went down when I was in Year 7.

If anything, that bad route has still cost me a lot of stuff like friendships and going to parties.

Question 4: Are there any good things from being at Belfairs that stand out to you?
Andy: Definitely. I recall my Student Voice election as a big thing and I still look back at it in triumph and glory. However, like every rise comes a downfall and in my case, after having a load of glory and ruling, it was destined. Mind you, I did enjoy going to The Southbank Centre with a few other members of the Student Voice as we called it. That was where we went to seminars on how to combat racism and youth crimes along with a seminar about these two transgender women who had recently transitioned. The whole day was eye-opening and it was the worth trip. I have vowed to go back to the Southbank soon.

I also recall on going to trip to Little Havens which is in Benfleet. That trip was very eye-opening on its own accord as we saw the room where deceased children lay if they’ve passed at somepoint during their stay. That hit me so hard and I felt rather saddened but it made me realise that not all children get an easy life and some have to fight for survival a lot.

Question 5: Would you give any tips to a Year 10 student who is going into Year 11?
Andy: Well, from my experience, Year 11 is about building the bridges onto a more successful future and I can say that from my own experience. One mistake and you know that you’ve done wrong and need to buck your ideas up. Two mistakes and you pay for a mistake big time and I have done just that this year. I have improved a lot in terms of academics but my biggest struggle has been that I’m ever so critical of myself and one mistake and I put myself down heavily low. That’s because in my book, I’ve had too many chances to impress that one more just means I’m a slow learner and not motivated enough to do well the first time.

Secondly, I would recommend that you try your best in your mocks but not up to the extent where your becoming a nervous wreck because of it. That’s what I did and I pretty much failed my mocks because of me becoming angry and nervous like no other.

Question 6: Is there any final words you’d like to say to anyone who is yet to experience secondary school as a whole?
Andy: Yes there is. In high school, you enter as a boy and you leave as a man. This is partly due to puberty but as well as with the people you spend your time with, they make you a better person for the better or the worse.

I can say that for me, I was a prick and I leave as a liked person who isn’t too popular but then again, you don’t want to be too popular that there’ll be jealousy around.

I can say that with me having gone through a lot, I am proud to have come out in the other end as a loving and caring lad. I’d like to recommend to boys that you treat girls in school with respect and allow them to be who they want. Show them and offer them love in return for loyalty and you’ll get somewhere in your friendships.

And one final thing, please take every opportunity available whilst in secondary school because I have got regrets from my time.

I’d also like to say that its alright to feel sad but happy about leaving school. When I went through my yearbook for the first time, I had S-Club 7’s Say Goodbye being played whilst looking through it and it did make me a little upset. It also made me realise that the end is upon us and that soon, I won’t be seeing the common sight of all of these people in my yeargroup who I had been with for so long.

I’d like to thank all who have read this blog and please follow me on Twitter at @andywilkins2015 and all the best folks!


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