A Mental Health Journey

For me, Mental Health is something that has been part of my life since 2014 when I went through a stage of depression and anxiety following a few things that I do regret doing.

However, since my revival in life which happened in the latter part of my Summer Holidays in 2014, I have been one to talk about my experiences and this leads me onto my newest project that I am working on in 2017.

Last week saw me being elected in as Southend Youth Council School Rep Coordinator which means I have a massive say in how we approach schools and what we want to do with them.

In the last few days, I’ve decided to produce a survey where I’ll be aiming to get various types of young people to voice their concern on mental health problems that either themselves or their friends may have been through.

As I’ve said to my youth council friends, I feel that after completing this survey, I will move onto creating a letter that will be sent out to the various schools in the local area to highlight the importance of mental health problems in young people.

After the letter being sent out, I will then aim to carry out and deliver a conference where I’ll be inviting a mixture of school teachers, students and various youth groups to learn on how we can help combat the pressured need for mental health support that occurs in young people. The location and date of course will need to be arranged and sorted out once we have received the results of the survey however, its working progress for me and my campaign.

That being said, its been spoken of as an early draft that October could be a potential month for the conference to take place which might be best considering anytime before September might lead to not much cooperation being made by schools considering the holidays will be on the minds of many.

As for venue yet, I have not got confirmation about doing the conference yet nor have I started to enquire about venues yet. If anything, that will happen during May-June.

Anyway, its working progress and when I’ve got the facts in a months time, I will release them (not all the precise details though due to confidentiality) in a report which can be given to any mental health charities or youth groups for future reference.

Many thanks for your support and I should be back reporting on this matter in a few weeks time.

If you haven’t filled in the survey yet, feel free to complete it.



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